Students Call on Government to Compromise

University students in Phnom Penh on Monday urged the three main political parties to make more compromises over th­e formation of the new government.

“Seeking a com­promise be­tween [Funcinpec and the Sam Rainsy Party’s] Alliance of Dem­o­crats and CPP is an excellent way to break the political deadlock,” said 24-year-old Build Bright University student Hok Visoth.

“Each leaders’ adamant [stance] is not a good resolution for both national and personal in­terests,” he said.

Hok Visoth said many students were glad to hear the result of Wed­nesday’s three-party talks at the Royal Palace.

But, he said, they felt shocked to hear the difference between the CPP and Alliance’s interpretation of the initial agreement they had reached.

Since Wednesday’s meeting, the Alliance has said that reaching the conditions necessary for them to join the CPP in a coalition would be a “long” and “tedious” negotiation process. Meanwhile, King Norodom Sihanouk and CPP officials have called the deal a success.

“I don’t know clearly which statements should be trusted,” said 22-year-old Horm Sommoly, a student at the Phnom Penh Technology University. “I was very happy to hear the King and CPP’s spokesman, who hailed Wednesday’s agreement as successful.”

She added: “We are Cambo­dian and have the same Khmer blood, same language…so why don’t we use gentle words to break the matter?”

Meanwhile, some students said they were optimistic about the possible formation of a tripartite government, saying a coalition would create new ideas to help the country’s development.

“Corruption will be got rid of whenever they are working to­gether…because the Alliance will have a chance to stay closely with CPP officials and can give new ideas,” said Sim Sophanna, 26, a Nat­ional Institute of Man­age­ment stu­dent. “Then none of the officials will dare to commit corruption.”


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