Students Call for US to ‘Free’ Cambodia Next

Congratulating US President George W Bush on the toppling of Iraqi President Saddam Hus­sein, the Khmer Front Party—the political wing of the Demo­cratic Front of Khmer Students and Intellectuals—called on the US to “free” Cambodia next.

The Khmer Front Party also said on Friday the situation in Cambodia was not too different from Hussein’s Iraq.

“I would like to express our sincere and warmest congratulations to the American people and your excellency, the President of the United States of America,” KFP President Suth Dina said in letter sent to the US Embassy.

“[We] strongly hope that the United States will have in its policy to free long-oppressed Cambo­dians,” said Suth Dina, adding that Cambodia needed to be free “from the iron fist of dictatorship.”

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy wrote from Washington on Fri­day declaring the liberation of Iraq a step closer to the liberation of Cambodia.

“Hussein and Hun Sen have similar names and reputations. I am sure they will have similar fates,” Sam Rainsy wrote.

Government officials were angered in September when US Senator Mitch McConnell called for “regime change” in Cambodia and Bur­ma. Deputy Prime Mini­ster Sar Kheng at the time pointed out that Cambodia has had several democratic elections in recent years.

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