Student Suspects Still Missing

Even as they closed in on five teen suspects wanted for questioning in the robbery and slayings of two university students, Kandal province authorities Thursday were seeking charges against a 20-year-old who they say bought one of the dead students’ stolen motorbikes.

Police Monday arrested Ly Ratana, a Bak Kheng commune farmer and were preparing Thursday evening to send him to Kandal provincial court evening in hopes of charging him with buying the stolen motorbike of Yin Vatamak, 20, Kandal Dep­uty Police Chief Tom Vai said.

Yin Vatamak, 20, a student at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, and Pin Sokthyda, 19, a student at the Institute of Man­agement, disappeared March 12. Days later, neighbors found their burned bodies in a rice field in Bak Kheng commune.

Authorities believe five teens who have since fled the area are responsible for the homicides, Tom Vai said.

No one else was in custody late Thursday afternoon.



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