SRP Reshuffles Officials To Prepare for 2008

The Sam Rainsy Party will re­shuf­fle some of their most senior of­ficials in the hopes of strengthening the party ahead of next year’s na­tional elections, officials said July 13.

“If somebody remains in the same position for too long, it is very bad,” SRP President Sam Rainsy said. “Generally speaking, in order to improve efficiency and to combat corruption, it is good to rotate,” he said.

SRP Secretary-General Mu So­chua has been named provisional head of the party’s provincial council in Kampot province, replacing lawmaker Kieng Vang who will be­come a member of the SRP’s Phnom Penh council.

Phnom Penh lawmaker Tiou­long Saumura has been nominated to head the provincial council in Ban­teay Meanchey province, re­placing lawmaker Kim Suor Phi­rith, who will join the Kompong Cham provincial council.

Kandal lawmaker Chrea So­chen­da has been nominated to head the council in Kompong Thom prov­ince, replacing lawmaker Sok Pheng, who will be the deputy head of the Kompong Speu province council.

Sam Rainsy said that the new provisional council chiefs, which are typically the party’s top candidate during parliamentary elections, still need to have their positions confirmed during intra-party elections being held in each prov­ince over the coming weeks.

Mu Sochua said the reshuffles were based in part on the results of April’s commune election results, which gave the SRP an idea of where they needed to strengthen their presence.

“We are not pushing anybody out,” she added. “This is a very smooth reshuffling.”

The three lawmakers moved from their provincial chief positions said on Friday that they accepted the decision, although Kieng Van said that some of his activists want him to remain in Kampot.

Cheam Yeap, lawmaker for the ruling CPP, said that his party has already conducted most of its internal reforms, but there was still room for further improvement at the provincial level.

The CPP is confident that voters know the party is moving the country forward and not just making empty promises, he added.

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