SRP Official Says CPP Rival Violated His Rights

A Sam Rainsy Party deputy commune chief in Kompong Cham province on Tuesday accused a CPP commune chief of violating his political rights by confiscating a loudspeaker he was using to encourage people to register to vote.

Chuon Cheat, of Kroch Chhmar commune in Kroch Chhmar district, said his commune chief Eang Chhun Heang also confiscated his cassette player, cassette, battery and amplifier. Chuon Cheat said that, for about three minutes, he had been playing a recording of party leader Sam Rainsy to encourage voter registration when three unarmed police were ordered by Eang Chhun Heang to confiscate his equipment. Chuon Cheat said he would complain to provincial and national election authorities to get it back. Eang Chhun Heang admitted he had confiscated the items. “I asked to check whether the cassette contained insults,” Eang Chhun Heang said. “But he still played it…. So I confiscated it first to solve the problem.” He said he wasn’t sure when he would return the property.


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