SRP Lawmaker Switches to Human Rights Party

SRP lawmaker Keo Remy an­nounced on the floor of the Na­tional Assembly June 25 that he is resigning from the party to join Kem So­kha’s fledgling Human Rights Party.

Keo Remy said later that he was attracted to the Human Rights Party because of elements of its platform, including a policy to set term limits for party presidents. He also said he was im­pressed by checks and balances to ensure that no one gets too much power within the party.

“I have the chance, everyone has the chance, to be the leader of this party,” Keo Remy said.

Kem Sokha, who recently step­ped down as the president of the Cam­­bodian Center for Human Rights, said he hopes Keo Remy will as­sume a leadership position in his party.

SRP Secretary-General Mu So­chua said that Keo Remy had not yet formally tendered his resignation, adding that her party knew nothing of the lawmaker’s decision until he announced it on the As­sembly floor. “We cannot control his actions and we respect his decision,” she said.

The SRP is not concerned that other members might leave for the Human Rights Party, Mu Sochua said, adding that the new party would not have much of an impact on the 2008 national election.

The CPP’s National Assembly Deputy President Nguon Nhel said the SRP should present its replacement candidate for Keo Remy to the National Election Committee. Once the NEC grants its approval, the Assembly can vote on whether to approve the candidate’s appointment, he said.

  (Additional reporting by Chhay Channyda)


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