Squatters Forced to Relocate Prison Conditions

About 100 squatter families living in Chamkar Mon district north of the Russian Embassy have been told to move to Dangkao district by Sunday, municipal vice governor Seng Tong said.

Embassy employees have complained to the municipality about the lack of security and poor environmental conditions caused by the squatters, Seng Tong said.

The municipality will provide a plot of land to each family, transportation to the new location, and help change schools for the children, said Lo Yu, deputy governor of Chamkar Mon district.

UN Development Program and other NGOs will help build toilets in the new location, he said. However, the squatters will not receive any monetary compensation.

Any family that hasn’t moved by Sunday will be forced to leave by police, Seng Tong said. Lo Yu said some representatives of the squatter families who don’t want to leave have asked for $5 from each family to file a complaint.

He said the squatters will be better off because they will have their own land and will still be close to the city.

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