Spectre of debt leaves migrant workers ill at ease 

The International Day of Family Remittances — celebrated on the 16th of June each year — recognises the efforts of 200 million migrants across the world who send home billions of dollars which sustains 800 million people in their home countries. Remittances are a major contributor to development and approximately 40% of them go to rural areas where poverty is a pressing issue.

However, a worrying trend surrounding remittances is emerging in Southeast Asia.

The benefits of income earned abroad are gradually being eroded by the ever-increasing debt burden faced by many migrants and their families. In a region where debt has become part of life among low-income households, the precarious situation that families may find themselves in often remains under-discussed outside of academia.

In full: https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/1695484/spectre-of-debt-leaves-migrant-workers-ill-at-ease

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