Soldier Who Shot Wife Arrested in Laos

Police in Laos on Tuesday night arrested a Cambodian soldier who was on the run after shooting his wife in the neck with an AK-47 at their home in Stung Treng province’s Siem Pang district on Monday.

Nov Sarith, 41, a soldier with Border Protection Military Unit 101 in Sre Sambor commune, was handed over to the provincial police’s penal bureau on Wednesday evening, according to bureau chief Duong Sivutha.

Mr. Sarith was sent to the court Thursday afternoon and police recommended he be charged with attempted murder, he added.

“He had a good relationship with some Laotian soldiers and civilians, so he was able to cross easily into their country to hide after he shot his wife,” Mr. Sivutha said, adding that Mr. Sarith was arrested while foraging for food in the border province of Champasak.

Deputy provincial prosecutor Sun Yeth said the suspect had not yet been charged.

“We just got him today, and my officials have just finished questioning him based on documents provided by police,” he said Thursday evening. Mr. Sarith’s wife, 37-year-old Nick Channai, is being treated in Vietnam.

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