Sok An, UN Delegation Meet For Discussion on KR Tribunal

Cabinet Minister Sok An on Wednesday afternoon met with a visiting UN delegation for what officials described as routine consultations on the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

The delegation was led by UN Assistant Secretary-General for legal affairs Peter Taksoe-Jensen and included Clint Williamson, currently a UN consultant after stepping down earlier this year as US Ambassador at Large for war crimes issues.

Both men played key roles in negotiating the tribunal’s current anticorruption program, which Mr Williamson helped broker while a US representative.

Tony Kranh, the court’s acting director of administration, who was present for the meeting, said yesterday that the meeting had taken stock of the court’s progress and “harmonious” internal cooperation as the court’s first trial and second investigation near their conclusions.

“They appreciate above all the very good progress of the court in general and the good cooperation within the administration,” he said.

Mr Kranh also said those present at the meeting had approvingly considered the commitment made this month by Pre-Trial Chamber President Prak Kimsan to have all five judges on the bench sit permanently, and not only part time, in order to allow the court to continue its work more expeditiously.

Lars Olsen, UN legal communications officer, said yesterday that the meeting had been a “routine consultation” and that Mr Tak­soe-Jensen had departed Cam­bodia on Wednesday after a three-day visit.


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