Sok An Lectures Commissions on Border Deal DDeTreaty

Three National Assembly commissions met with Deputy Prime Minister Sok An in a closed door, five-hour session on Friday to consider the controversial supplemental border treaty with Vietnam.

Sok An delivered a computerized presentation on the treaty to the As­sembly commissions for foreign af­fairs, legislation, and interior and de­fense, participants said.

They added that Sok An encouraged them to vote in favor of the agreement when the Assembly is asked to ratify it.

“There was a good understanding on the meaning of the documents,” Sok An said afterwards.

Interior and Defense Commis­sion Chairman and Funcinpec par­ty member Monh Saphann said after the meeting that he agreed with the explanations Sok An gave.

“[What] they explained was ap­propriate. And any loss [of territory] in the past such as the land of Kam­puchea Krom and the [islands outside] the Brevie line was a legacy of French colonialism,” he said.

Monh Saphann said that on Thurs­day, Sok An and top Funcin­pec party members held a separate meeting on the treaty where, he said, Sok An “sought the understanding from the partner party in the coalition.”

Opposition party members were not present at the meeting as the party is not represented on any Assembly commissions.

“If there is no explanation, the misunderstanding and mistrust are there on them,” he said. “The next Assembly session will face hard suspicion from the opposition on the floor.”


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