Sochua Stops Men Decorating RCAF Vehicle With CPP Stickers

Opposition candidate Mu Sochua stopped two men on Wednesday from decorating a car with a Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) license plate with CPP paraphernalia and stickers portraying Prime Minister Hun Sen’s face.

According to Ms. Sochua, she was driving down Norodom Boulevard in the evening when she saw an RCAF car with CPP stickers parked in front of a row of printing shops, which had produced CPP campaign materials for the two men.

“It was a car with a military police license plate with a big picture of the CPP logo and a picture of the prime minister on it,” Ms. Sochua said, adding that she had confronted the driver about it. “He said he was sorry, and that he knew he was breaking the law.”

“This is against the direct orders of the prime minister,” she said as she waited in the military police station in Chamkar Mon district, where the two men were being held.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has said on several occasions in speeches over the past two months that officials should not use state property in campaigning for the national election. According to the election law, state property should not be used for campaigning purposes.

Chamkar Mon district military police commander Soy Chandy confirmed that Ms. Sochua had arrived at the station last night, but he said the two men who were decorating the car were high school students.

“The car is a civilian car and had an illegal license plate, so we confiscated it,” Mr. Chandy said. “The owner and the car are in the military police station now.”

In a related incident earlier this month, Ms. Sochua confronted a van that was donated by Unesco as it was transporting gifts from the education minister to voters in Preah Vihear province.

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