Socheatvong Tells Market Chiefs to Follow Law

Phnom Penh Governor Pa Socheatvong called a meeting of the city’s district governors, deputy district governors, and public market administrators on Wednesday to discuss the collection of money in market parking lots and rent from vendors.

Mr. Socheatvong told the more than 20 chiefs of markets from around Phnom Penh gathered at City Hall, that laws concerning the running of markets will be enforced strictly, municipal spokesman Long Dimanche said of the meeting.

“City Hall has issued a plan for district governors and deputy governors, who are in charge of this issue, to implement [regulations] on money collecting in markets and public order,” he said.

“[Mr. Socheatvong] will be strict. Money collecting companies must follow the law—if they do not respect the law, City Hall will cancel their contracts,” Mr. Dimanche explained, without providing any examples of cases where market laws had been infringed.

On February 17, Prime Minister Hun Sen said he would end the practice of administrators of markets—which are usually run by private companies—insisting on collecting rent from vendors every morning, which he said he was being unfairly blamed for.

The Phnom Penh department of economy and finance dictates a price of 300 riel, or about $0.08, for parking motorcycles at markets, but many parking attendants charge up to 1,000 riel, or about $0.25.

Mr. Dimanche said Wednesday that Mr. Socheatvong had also instructed the municipal department of economics and finance to begin “checking” balance books submitted by market administrators.

Keang Leak, the chief of O’Russei Market, said that he would advise money collectors at his market of Mr. Socheatvong’s orders and ensure that the act of overcharging for parking would be stopped.

“For money collecting, we just control others. The market’s money managers will have to respond to this, as they have their own contract with the state,” Mr. Leak explained.

Chap Dina, the chief of Kandal Market in Daun Penh district, said that he too would act to that ensure that market regulations are now followed.

“In general, if a senior leader issues a plan, we respect it,” Mr. Dina said.

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