Six Youth Activists Arrested Hours After Rally for Unionist

Six youth activists have been rounded up and arrested hours after rallying for detained unionist Rong Chhun, including a young woman dragged by her hair into a vehicle from outside a cafe.

So Metta, an activist who requested to use a pseudonym, told VOD that a group of about 10 officers — some of whom were plain-clothed and some in Prampi Makara district guard uniforms — grabbed one of the six, Chhoeun Daravy, around 4 p.m. on Thursday outside an Amazon coffee shop near the court.

Daravy had been sitting with about 10 people when the plain-clothed officers dragged her by the hair from behind and pushed her into a black Lexus SUV waiting outside, Metta said. The officers beat Daravy as they put her in the car, she said.

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