Six Guards Held in Heist; Police Admit to No Evidence

Police in Siem Reap City arrested two more private security guards Wednesday, bringing to six the number of guards now being detained for Monday’s robbery at Lucky Mall, in which thieves forced open two ATMs and made off with tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Deputy provincial police chief Thong Sokun said Wednesday that none of the guards had yet been charged. They were being held at the Siem Reap Provincial Court for questioning as the hunt continues for the perpetrators.

“We suspect the six security guards from the mall but haven’t yet found any evidence to [formally] accuse anyone,” Mr. Sokun said.

Under interrogation, he said, all six security guards had accused the others of being involved while denying that they had any role in the crime themselves.

On the day of the heist, police said an ATM belonging to Canadia Bank had more than $60,000 stolen—some in U.S. dollars, some in riel—though the amount taken from an ANZ Royal Bank machine remains unknown.

In emailed responses, both banks declined to provide details of the losses incurred because they were assisting with the investigation, but said the incident was insignificant.

“This matter is currently under police investigation and we would be unable to comment in the interim,” said Yin Chanthyra, head of alternative channels for Canadia.

“Suffice to say that all our ATMs have the appropriate security measures in place and this incident will not affect our operations.”

ANZ Royal Bank’s chief risk officer, Gethin Jones, echoed that sentiment.

“We do not consider this event will change the way we manage our ATM fleet and we expect the loss to be minimal,” he said by email, also declining to reveal how much cash had been in the bank’s ATM.

Mr. Sokun, the deputy police chief, said ANZ lost about $70,000 in U.S. notes plus about $3,750 worth of riel in the heist.

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