Sinn Sisamouth’s Son Closer to Song Rights

The Ministry of Commerce on Monday said it was preparing to send a report to Prime Minister Hun Sen requesting that the son of legendary crooner Sinn Sisamouth be given the exclusive right to distribute 73 of his late father’s songs.

Sinn Chanchhaya, who has found himself at the center of the Commerce Ministry’s push for stronger implementation of intellectual property rights, needs only the prime minister’s approval before being awarded rights over his father’s songs, according to Var Roth San, head of the ministry’s National Committee for Intellectual Property Rights.

“If there is no appeal against the transfer of the rights, the Ministry of Commerce will report to Samdech Hun Sen to request a decision,” Mr. Roth San said, adding that any alternate claims to the songs must be filed with the committee by October 11.

Mr. Chanchhaya said Monday that he hopes to eventually obtain the rights to even more of his father’s catalogue so he can manage its distribution.

“For example, if any company wants to reproduce any of these songs, they will have to ask permission from us first,” he said.

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