Singer’s Daughter Accused in Hit and Run

The daughter of a famous sing-er is accused of fatally striking a motorbike passenger Thursday night with a Toyota Camry and then fleeing the scene as the victim laid on top of her car, police said.

Traffic officers witnessed the hit-and-run accident on Russian Boul-evard near the Defense Ministry and immediately gave chase and then fired shots as the Toyota sped east, Phnom Penh municipal traffic police chief Tin Prasoer said Sun-day by telephone.

“Police shot the car of the suspect several times to stop her and the car stopped when it had a flat tire. We then arrested the suspect,” he said.

The driver, Lour Sreymas, daughter of famous performer and nightclub crooner Lour Sarith, was arrested and police will forward the case to Phnom Penh Municipal Court soon, Tin Prasoer said.

The victim, Ros Sina, was on the back of a motorbike crossing Rus-sian Boulevard when the Toyota struck her and motorbike taxi driver Yun Khuy, 35, who was seriously injured, Tin Prasoer said.

After laying on top of the Toyota for a few meters as it sped away Ros Sina fell to the ground and later died at Calmette Hospital from her injuries, he said.

Lour Sreymas’ fast driving caused the accident, and she has paid compensation of $18,000 to Ros Sina’s family and $1,200 to Yun Khuy, Tin Prasoer said, adding that she was still in police custody.

Lour Sreymas, Yun Khuy and the victims’ families could not be reached for comment Sunday.

Municipal court deputy prosecutor Ek Cheng Hout said by telephone Sunday that, by law, drivers convicted in fatal hit-and-run accidents receive prison sentences of one to three years, he said.

“According to the traffic law in hit-and-run accidents the suspects must be arrested and pay compensation, and if the victim dies [drivers] will receive one to three years in prison,” he said.

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