Singaporean Embassy Condemns Egging by Protesters

The Singaporean Embassy in Phnom Penh on Thursday issued a statement condemning the egging of its front gate on Wednesday by anti-eviction protesters, calling the act “unacceptable.”

About 50 former and current residents of Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak neighborhood protested in front of the embassy Wednesday, imploring it to dissuade the HLH Group from going ahead with plans to purchase a 1.35-hectare plot on land from which some 3,000 families were forcibly evicted.

When the protesters were pushed back from the embassy by Daun Penh district security guards, a streak of drying yellow yolk remained on the building’s gate.

“The embassy considers this act of vandalism to be unacceptable.

We will take this issue up with the relevant Cambodian authorities,” the embassy said in the statement, adding that the Singaporean government had no jurisdiction to intervene in a private business dispute.

City Hall spokesman Long Dimanche on Thursday said he had neither heard about the embassy egging nor seen the statement, but rebuked the protesters nevertheless.

“Those people are immoral and uneducated for throwing eggs at the embassy,” Mr. Dimanche said.

“We will take action according to the law against any individual who disrespects the sovereignty of any embassy.”

Interior Minister Sar Kheng said authorities would investigate the incident. “We need to review and study the reasons they threw the eggs at an embassy and what the problem is,” he told reporters at an unrelated event.

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