Siem Reap Land Deal Moves Stadium to Outskirts

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has given its stadium in Siem Reap to a private construction company in exchange for a new stadium located on less valuable land 4 km outside of town, said Ung Oeun, Siem Reap’s first de­puty governor.

Ung Oeun said $2 million of the new stadium’s price tag will be the cost of the land, while the con­struc­tion will cost $1 million.

At 10 hectares, the new site is about double the size of the existing stadium’s property, though the va­lue of the land at the current stadium is $100 per square meter, while the new site’s land is worth about $60 per square meter, Ung Oeun said. Mao Chan Than Co Ltd con­struc­tion company plans to build a lux­ury hotel at the site of the old sta­dium once the new stadium is comp­leted, he said.

According to Ung Oeun, the old stadium needs to be vacated be­cause it is too small and fo­reign guests staying at nearby ho­tels have been complaining about noise coming from the town’s public sports ground. However, Ung Oeun noted that the noise was not the result of sports, but of music concerts organized in the sports ground. “We have received complaints from 27…foreign hotel guests [who] refused to pay their hotel rate because they were disturbed by a concert organized in the stadium,” Ung Oeun said. “They paid only 50 percent out of [the] total rate because [they] can’t sleep.”

Nighttime concerts could be held at the new stadium without disturbing hotel guests, he said.


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