Shooting Victim To Be Arrested for Firing First

A man allegedly shot in the stomach by the owner of a guesthouse on the popular O’Chheuteal Beach in Preah Sihanouk province, will be arrested for shooting a gun eight times prior to being shot himself, a provincial judge said Monday.

In what was the second shooting at his guesthouse in less than a year, Chiva’s Shack owner and RCAF Major Ouk Chiva shot Ly Vannkhoeurn in the stomach after Mr Vannkhoeurn fired a handgun eight times in the air at the guesthouse at about 3:20 am on Satur­day, police officials said.

Yesterday, Preah Sihanouk Pro­vincial Court Judge En Maneth said that the court would release an order to arrest Mr Vannkhoeurn after he was released from Calmette Hospital in Phnom Penh, where he is being treated for his injuries.

“The victim is the suspect be­cause he shot [a handgun], and he will be arrested,” Ms Maneth said, adding that Maj Chiva, the guesthouse owner, was also formally charged with the attempted murder of Mr Vannkhoeurn on Sunday.

As he recovered in hospital Monday, Mr Vannkhoeurn admitted that the incident was his fault.

“I do not have any intention to dam­age the property belonging to the owner…. I shot in the air,” he said, adding that the gun he used in the shooting belonged to his boss, Preah Sihanouk provincial council chief Sou Chunghou.

“I am aware that it is my fault. I went to Chiva’s Shack alone because I wanted to have some drinks.”

Mr Vannkhoeurn said a bullet had been removed from his stomach, but that he was worried about his legs: “My legs, I can’t feel them,” he said.

Brigadier General Heang Nin, Preah Sihanouk provincial military police commander, said Monday that Maj Chiva was permitted to carry a gun, but had used it illegally by shooting it at Mr Vannkhoeurn.

He added that Mr Vannkhoeurn would also be arrested for shooting his handgun.

“Both these shootings are illegal,” Brig Gen Nin said.

In November at Chiva’s Shack, a tourist police officer and an Irish holidaymaker were shot by an unknown gunman in what police described as a business feud gone too far.

Both victims survived the shooting, but no arrests were made.



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