Shooting at Party Leaves 1 Dead, 7 Wounded

A shootout at a dance party has left one woman dead and seven other people wounded, Phnom Penh police said Sunday.

On Sam Ang, 23, died late Saturday at a home in Dangkor district, district penalty police Deputy Chief In Keo said.

Dozens of people were at the home for a dance party in ad­vance of the Khmer New Year when the shooting started. Au­thorities say the party organizer opened fire on a crowd with an AK-47 assault rifle.

Trouble started when a guard at the gate refused to allow entry to a group of youngsters.

The youths became enraged and be­gan heckling the party guests, including the 28-year-old home owner. The dispute escala­ted when the youths began throwing rocks and debris.

Furious, the home owner—who allegedly had been drinking heavily throughout the even­ing—grabbed his assault rifle and opened fire, In Keo said. On Sam Ang collapsed in a heap and died, the deputy chief said. Seven others received minor wounds. The suspect, a construction worker, hid the rifle inside his home and fled. A warrant is being sought for his arrest, Dangkor district police Chief Mom Saveth said.


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