Shinawatra Starts Phone Cards System

Following the lead of mobile phone operators MobiTel and Samart, Shinawatra has launched a pre-paid phone service.

General Manager Trairat Kaew­kerd said Monday that the Thai-owned company launched the new service last Wednesday, keeping the price at $0.252 per minute for local calls within and across the network.

“We’d like to be fair to set cheaper prices for customers with better services. That way low- to medium-income people still could afford the pre-paid services,” said Kaewkerd.

Shinawatra is one of the oldest phone operators in Cambodia, launching landline services in 1993. It expanded its services to mobile phone sector in mid-1997 after Shinawatra International, currently Shin Satellite PLC, took 100 percent control of the company. Kaewkerd said the company has invested more than $12 million in the mobile phone sector.

alone. It now has about 6,500 users in cellular phone sector, according to the Telecommunications Ministry. Kaewkerd said the company is investing another $3.5 million to expand its coverage areas and switching capacity. (Yuko Maeda)

Garment Workers Protest for Back Wages

About 60 workers laid off last year from Pho Tamung garment factory in Phnom Penh on Monday marched through the capital, alleging they have not been paid as promised since September. The protesters representing another 340 laid-off workers claimed that the factory owner ignored an agreement to pay all laid-off workers 50 percent of their sal­ary while operations were suspended last September for what was sup­posed to be only two months. Workers said operations haven’t re-started and they haven’t been paid. “We never caused any troubles against the factory,” said protester Chhin Vanna. “The owner should keep his promise and respect the labor law.” In Khemara, deputy director of the Labor Ministry’s inspection department, said that the factory stopped operating last November because of lack of business and recently was purchased by a new investor. “The demonstrators’ claim is legitimate,” he said. He added that the new owner on Monday promised the ministry to pay the back salaries and rehire the workers soon.


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