Sharp Eyes Cambodia

Sharp, one of the world’s largest electronics companies based in Japan, sees Cambodia as a future market and introdu­ced high-tech digital products Saturday. 

“I’m happy to see Cambodia has been getting active in economic development,” visiting Hiroshi Sasaoka, managing director of Singapore-based Sharp-Roxy Sales Ltd, said in a speech at a seminar on digital products.

He said Cambodia was one of the few countries that his company experienced sales growth in last year, when most Asian countries struggled from the regional recession that began in 1997.

“We expect Cambodia to be a promising future market,” he said. According to its sole-distributor OMC Ltd, Sharp leads the Cambodia’s electronics market with a 35-percent share.  Its sales grew by 5-10 percent since it entered in Cambodia in 1996, said OMC managing director Siv Thay.





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