Sex Suspect Will Stay in Sihanoukville Jail

A 44-year-old French national will have to remain behind bars for a few more months, after a Siha­noukville judge ruled there was not enough evidence to support charges he sexually assaulted eight teen-age boys.

Pierre Ginot was arraigned Fri­day in a Sihanoukville court on charges of sexual assault, illegal confinement and weapons possession. But Judge Tak Kimsea ruled there was insufficient evidence, and Ginot should be held for another two to three months as authorities continue to investigate.

Authorities arrested Ginot, a French citizen, in May, and he has been detained in a Sihanoukville prison since.

At the hearing, eight boys, ages 14 to 16, testified that Ginot had sex with them, Prosecuting Judge Mam Muth said. Ginot denied the allegations of debauchery and illegal confinement

“We cannot release him be­cause the trial is just [an] arraignment for further investigations. If we cannot find it, we will have to release him,” Mam Muth said.

The judge made his ruling because the case was based on unsupported allegations, the prosecutor said.

“The problem is the kids assert again and again that the man had homosexual [relations] with them, but the suspect denied it,” Mam Muth said.

Ginot told the court he should be released for medical treatment, Mam Muth said. Ginot’s French doctor sent a letter stating Ginot had a heart transplant in 1996.

Ginot told the court that he only expects to live for another six years and has no plans to leave Cambodia, Mam Muth said.

Tak Kimsea denied the request, Mam Muth said.


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