Senior Vietnamese Officials Pay Respects to Chea Sim

A Vietnamese Communist Party delegation that included Vietnam’s National Assembly president Wednesday paid their respects to the late CPP President Chea Sim, who died Monday at the age of 82.

Visiting the home of the late leader, the Vietnamese delegation, led by Nguyen Sinh Hung, met with Cambodian National Assembly President Heng Samrin to say farewell to their former comrade.

“The Vietnamese National Assembly president’s delegation paid their respects to Samdech Chea Sim, and we came to show the good friendship between Cambodia and Vietnam,” said Sorn Sarana, an adviser to Mr. Samrin.

“They thanked Heng Samrin for allowing [representatives of] Vietnam’s National Assembly, the Communist Party, Vietnam’s government and the Vietnamese Front to respect Samdech Chea Sim, the person who helped the nation,” Mr. Sarana said.

Alongside Chea Sim, Mr. Samrin provided a Cambodian face to Vietnam’s 1979 overthrow of Pol Pot.

Both played prominent roles in the Vietnamese-backed communist regime that governed Cambodia in the 1980s and later reformed as the CPP, leading to frequent accusations from Cambodia’s opposition that they remained subservient to the Vietnamese Communists.

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