Security Forces Beefed Up Ahead of CNRP Rally

At least 1,000 police and military police will be deployed in Phnom Penh on Friday to ensure security during a CNRP election campaign rally that the party expects to draw 20,000 people, military police spokesman Kheng Tito said Wednesday.

On Monday, the opposition announced that it would hold a mass march as part of its campaign two days ahead of Sunday’s council elections.

“One thousand military police are ready for the campaign day,” said Mr. Tito.

“We have more in case the campaign is out of control.” Interior Minister Sar Kheng said earlier this week that the march could go ahead but that any protests would be swiftly put down.

Mr. Tito said authorities were prepared to take action if protesters join the campaign.

“The election campaigners will only talk about the party’s policy, while the protester will demand for their own benefit,” he said, when asked how they would differentiate between the two. “They’ll ask for the wage to be raised, for example.”

Morn Phalla, CNRP executive chairman for Phnom Penh, said the party is taking pains to ensure protesters will not join the march.

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