Security Firm Jobs To Await Laid-Off Cops

The private security company MPA International LTD has agreed to provide job opportunities to police officers who will lose their government jobs because of demobilization, said General Mao Chandara, chief of headquarters at the National Police. 

The plan, finalized at a contract signing ceremony Thursday, would have 50 percent of MPA’s employees coming from the National Police and 50 percent from elsewhere, Mao Chandara said Friday. Former officers would work as guards at private homes, embassies and airports.

“It is the key feature to provide new professions for Cambodian citizens and to reduce the crisis of employment opportunities,” he said in a speech given last Thursday.

Mao Chandara also said the establishment of a “civil-private security service shows us the progress of a free market policy and its application in Cambodia.”

Henrik Hansen, chairman and CEO of Bangkok-based MPA, said a secure climate will improve Cambodia’s economic situation by encouraging investors to establish projects here.

Reducing the number of civil servants, including police and soldiers, is a key component of the government’s long-term plan to streamline itself.

However, officials have resisted the pressure of international donors to begin slashing employees, voicing concern that the laid-off workers won’t be able to find jobs.

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