Second Convict Recaptured After Returning Home

Police in Kratie province said yesterday they had arrested the second of five inmates who broke out of the provincial prison earlier this week.

Convicted murderer Thuon Nal, 22, was arrested late Tuesday after returning to his O’Krieng commune home in the province’s Sambor district, according to provincial police chief Chuong Seang Hak.

“We are looking out to arrest the other three,” he said.

Mr Nal broke out of prison Monday with Yen Nara, 26, Sorm Soknang, 27, Keo Phea, 29 and Ith Samean, 35. The five used a saw to cut through the wooden prison wall before making their escape under cover of heavy rain.

The recaptured men claim Mr Nara plotted the escape, Mr Seang Hak said. They did not provide any details on how the men were able to obtain a saw, or escape without their nine cellmates witnessing them, he added.

Police arrested Mr Samean earlier on Tuesday after he too returned to his home. Mr Nal was serving a 15-year jail term for murder, Mr Soknang was sentenced to 10 years for attempted murder and Mr Nara was facing 18 years for murder and attempted robbery. Mr Samean and Mr Phea were in pretrial detention facing robbery and illegal weapons charges.

Investigating Judge Heng Phalla said Mr Nal and Mr Samean were returned to the provincial prison yesterday.

Leav Moy, deputy director-general of the Interior Ministry’s prison department, said the prisoners would face additional charges once they were recaptured.

He added that plans were in place to renovate the overcrowded French Colonial-era prison.


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