Schoolteachers Claim Principals on the Take

A group of 44 teachers from Chao Ponhea Hok elementary school in Phnom Penh have sent a com­plaint to the Ministry of Education, asking for the removal of their school principal and two vice principals for alleged corruption.

According to the teachers, school Principal Lim Eng and Deputy Principals Houy Kim Se and Suon Chankomar have been pocketing the fee for leasing the school’s football field to the In­ternational School of Phnom Penh.

They also have forced teachers and some students to help write fraudulent school material invoices, said school teacher Chhay Ve­asna. The invoices list educational items that are actually not at the school, he said.

Lim Eng said that she was questioned at the ministry and told that a committee would be investigating. “I can neither comment or de­ny,” the allegations, she said, ad­ding that she is not aware of what she might have done wrong. But the committee will find out the facts, Lim Eng said.

Houy Kim Se and Suon Chank­omar could not be reached for com­ments Thursday.

Mom Sopharin, one of the teachers, said that ISPP representative Sally Relph confirmed that ISPP has been paying an annual fee for the use of the field since 2002.

Sally Relph could not be reach­ed for com­ment.

At the ministry, Secretary of State Pok Than and Under­secretary of State Chea Se de­clined to comment on Sunday, saying they were not aware of the case and transferred questions to Soy Yen, the ministry’s inspector general, who also said he was not aware of the case.


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