Sar Kheng’s Son Races Go-Carts

Sporting a red vinyl racing uniform on Wednesday, Sar Rotha, the third child of Deputy Prime Mini­ster Sar Kheng, told report­ers he’d rather pursue a career in professional sports than follow in his father’s footsteps—at least for now.

“I will decide within the next one to two years,” Sar Rotha said at a news conference at the Sun­way Hotel.

“Political issues in our country are very important, but I’m not interested in politics yet,” the 18-year-old said.

Sar Rotha announced he will compete along with nearly 30 oth­er international go-cart racers in Phnom Penh’s first Wat Phnom Grand Prix.

The event, which takes place Saturday and Sunday, will block off the streets near Wat Phnom as racers, driving about 130 kph, encircle a 700-meter course.

Sar Rotha said he has been training as a go-cart driver for about eight months. Racers from 10 countries are expected at this weekend’s event.

Organizers on Wednesday said the race will start at the Ministry of Post and Telecommuni­cations, cut across to Sisowath Quay, then circle back along Street 13, rounding the course 30 times. Those streets will be closed between about 8 am and 6 pm for the two days of the event.

Noun Someth, deputy Cabinet chief for Phnom Penh Munici­pality, on Wednesday acknowledged the closures will affect some businesses and hamper traffic. But, he said, the city has organized security guards to manage the streets during the event.

Besides, he said, “Racing go-carts in the city is welcome during the Khmer New Year and will show that the city’s abilities now are different from 10 years ago.”

Some business owners, however, were less enthusiastic.

Priep Nura, 33, owner of La Post Restaurant, lo­cated in front of the Ministry of Post and Telecom­munications, said he stands to lose about $100 if the organizers close down his street.

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