Sangkum Thmei Looks for Disappearing Images

Noticed those colorful Sang­kum Thmei posters with the dreamy-looking picture of party president Loy Sim Chheang gazing into the rising sun and thinking of a new society?

Many people have, says party Secretary-General Om Radsady, who reports that many of the 10,000 glossy posters around Phnom Penh have disappeared since the beginning of the election campaign.

“We have not had any other problems campaigning, but the main problem is the post­ers,” he said. “They are being re­moved. This is not fair.” Om Radsady said he didn’t know who was taking the posters, but speculated workers from other parties were seeking space for their own advertising. “Perhaps the NEC should give a place to put posters and this would not happen,” he said.

But with no dedicated billboards, the war for domination of the capital’s trees goes on. A cursory glance around the city center indicates Sang­kum Thmei is still neck-and-neck with Reastr Niyum for tree coverage, with Loy Sim Chheang’s glamorous new image standing out from the more formal shots chosen by other party leaders.

The party is also holding daily rallies and joined monks and laypeople Wednes­day in prayers for Chaul Vassar, the start of the three-month period when all monks go into re­treat.

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