Samart to Run Business Here

Thai telecommunications giant Samart Corp will continue to manage Cambodia Samart Commun­ica­tions despite the recent sale of a controlling interest to Telekom Malaysia, the Bangkok Post reported Saturday.

The report also cited Samart Corp Managing Director Sirichai Rasameechan as saying the company will launch its digital phone network in Cambodia this year.

Telekom Malaysia increased its stake in the company from 24.99 percent to 51 percent in July, giving Samart a cash infusion, ac­cord­ing to the Post. Samart posted a loss of $92.3 million in 1997.

Samart has had a license for a digital system since 1997, but management has said the project was delayed because the market was not growing fast enough.

Samart’s new system would bring the number of digital phone networks operating in Cambodia to three.

Thai-Cam­bodian joint venture Cambo­dia Shinawatra launched its service in April, and Mobitel began  in 1997.


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