Sam Rainsy Threatens to Oppose KR Tribunal

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy said Wednesday that his party will not approve the Khmer Rouge draft law unless all revisions are accepted by the UN.

He said members of the Sam Rainsy Party had voted for the law because Minister of Cabinet Sok An had assured them the UN would “have no problem” with the law as written.

“But in fact, the UN is still not happy with the draft,” Sam Rainsy said. “I would like confirmation from the UN. If they don’t en­dorse it, we cannot vote for it.”

Sam Rainsy said it is crucial the tribunal meet international standards of justice. The country has already endured one Khmer Rouge show trial in 1979, he said, and does not need another one.

US Ambassador Kent Wied­emann, who met with National As­sembly President Prince Noro­dom Ranariddh Wednes­day, said US President George W Bush hopes for a speedy trial. The am­bassador also said the US plans to help pay for next year’s elections, but did not provide details.

Sam Rainsy and Prince Rana­riddh both said they support cremating victims of the Pol Pot regime, after a referendum.


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