Sam Rainsy Renews Call for PM to Step Down

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy renewed his call for a change in government leadership at a gathering Thursday at the Sunway Ho­tel to commemorate the 12th an­niversary of the Paris Peace Accords.

The opposition leader was joined by Funcinpec Secretary-General Prince Norodom Siri­vudh. Civil servants and members of the two parties’ Alliance of Dem­ocrats also attended the event.

The two leaders repeated that they need to see an end to violence and intimidation against their supporters before they will begin negotiating with the CPP over the formation of a new government and National Assembly.

“We can form a new government this evening or tomorrow, but it would have no quality. That is why we delay to meet the CPP,” Prince Sirivudh said.

Despite winning the July na­tional election with 73 seats in the Assembly, the CPP is nine seats short of forming a government alone.

Funcinpec and the Sam Rainsy Party refuse to join a coalition with the CPP as long as Prime Minister Hun Sen remains premier. They also demand that all three parties be included in the new government.

Two Funcinpec officials on Wednesday predicted that the royalists may eventually have to give up some of its demands. But those comments were refuted by fellow party members on Thurs­day.

“That is the wrong information,” said Funcinpec spokesman Kassie Neou. “That is not from Fun­cinpec. That is from individuals in Funcinpec. It is not the party line.”

Co-Minister of Defense Prince Sisowath Sirirath added: “Ac­cording to our leader, Prince Nor­odom Ranariddh, nobody should speak in that fashion.”

(Additional re­porting by Wency Leung)


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