Sabrina Factory Fires 300 Workers Over Strikes

Three hundred workers have been fired from Taiwanese-owned Sabrina (Cambodia) Garment MFG Corp., which produces clothing for U.S. sports brand Nike, after large-scale demonstrations were held outside the factory last week.

According to a dismissal letter obtained yesterday from the factory, the workers who were fired committed “serious mistakes” by violating Article 82 and 83 of the Labor Law.

The articles state that an employer does not have to give prior notice before a dismissal if a worker is deemed to have threatened and assaulted others, or incited other workers to commit “serious offenses.”

“The firing is abnormal and illegal because those workers only got their May salary while they should have received severance payments,” said Pich Ponareay, spokesman for the Free Trade Union, adding that the workers received their dismissal letters last week as they were picking up their salaries for May.

Hong Luy, Sabrina factory administration chief, declined to comment on the sackings.

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