Russian Technology Firm Plugs Into Market

It’s a good week for shopping in Phnom Penh—if you need an  X-ray scanning device, weapons detector, factory gas analyzer or maybe an ultrasonic or ultraviolet device to get rid of rodents or flying insects.

Delta, Russia’s state-run enterprise for scientific production, is entering the Cambodia market, introducing its wares at a four-day exhibition, “Radioelectronics in Agriculture, Medicine, and Ecology,” at the Russian Center of Science and Culture.

Delta has been in operation since 1932 as the Russian government’s research engineering program. The enterprise entered Vietnam’s markets two years ago. Delta is ready to sell either to Cambodian government projects or private industry.

Here’s a sample of what Delta is selling, and the price tags:

• X-ray examination devices for airports ($30,000-$50,000). Delta says its product works better than European models in hot weather and high humidity. More than 80 of the systems have been installed at airports in Russia and the former Soviet Union republics.

• Portable weapons detector ($110-$300). A hand-held device is designed to detect metal devices to an underground depth of 50 cm. There’s also an arm device one could wear under a jacket sleeve to covertly detect a weapon on another person.

• Portable gas analyzer ($3,100). Built to be used throughout a factory to detect dangerous buildups of ammonia, chlorine, methane, nitrogen, sulphides and other gases.

• Pest control. To get rid of rodents, there are ultrasonic devices ($25-$217) designed to depress the animals and force them to leave the room.  An ultraviolet device against flying insects ($35-50) uses light direction to guide its victims into a high voltage grid—an ecologically clean process, Delta officials point out.

Other products for sale include a timber saw humidity meter for measuring moisture in freshly cut wood, a fire detection device that uses an electrical current pulse that goes off if the temperature rises above a preset level, and a 10-watt electromagnetic device to be attached to the human body. Delta recommends it for treatment of bronchial asthma, hypertension, ulcer, arthritis and neuroses.

The exhibition continues through Friday.


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