Robbers Shoot, Kill Sihanoukville Gold Seller

A gold seller was robbed and shot to death in Phsar Leu, Mitta­pheap district, Sihanoukville, early Monday, police officials have confirmed.

So Bunnoeun, deputy chief of the judicial police of Sihanoukville said Nam Kroy, 53, was shot just after 6 am by two unidentified men in front of more than 100 bystanders while she was walking with her niece from her home to the stand where she worked.

“Nam Kroy came from Kom­pong Cham province and lived in the Mittaheap district of Siha­noukville with four family members for a very long time,” So Bunnoeoun said.

“She had 10 to 20 damlung of gold for exchanging,” So Bun­noeun said. After shooting her, the robbers fled with her bag.

“No one knew how much gold and money was in the bag, but I have heard from the villagers that she was very smart and would never keep much gold in the bag,” So Bunnoeun said.

Police said she was shot twice, with a K-54 and a K-59.

The market security guard on duty went to help Nam Kroy, but had to run for cover when the gunmen turned and fired at him.  Nam Kroy died later that day in a Sihanoukville hospital.

Villagers told So Bunneoun that one day before the incident, some supposed customers made an appointment with Nam Kroy for the early hours of Monday morning, stating that they wanted to buy gold and then travel to Poipet.

Instead of finding customers waiting for her, Nam Kroy was confronted by two gunmen.

The victim was taken by her relatives to Kompong Cham province for a funeral ceremony, So Bunneuon said.


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