R’kiri SRP Campaigner, Defectors Fail To Settle

Discussions on Monday failed to resolve a dispute between an SRP activist in Ratanakkiri pro­vince and two recent defectors to the CPP accused of trying to at­tack her, a provincial election worker said.

In a complaint lodged Friday with the Provincial Election Com­mittee, Tuon Sokhan, SRP leader in Andong Meas district, said CPP deputy chief of Nhang commune Em Sovann and Bun Chhay Pov, both former SRP mem­bers, had attempted to attack her with a hammer Thurs­day as she campaigned in the district, PEC chief Pen Chhundy said Monday.

Pen Chhundy said Tuon Sok­han sought $2,400 in compensation, but the men wanted a judgement from the PEC in their favor.

“They said they don’t have the money and have not done anything wrong,” he said.

He added that the PEC is scheduled to announce a decision on the matter at a hearing this morning.

Tuon Sokhan said that while she was campaigning Thursday, she loudly accused the men of forging her signature on a list of SRP de­fectors to the CPP in May.

The men heard her and at­tempted to attack her but were stopped by police, she added.

“The PEC said it was not a serious matter, but I said I am a wo­man, and they brought a deadly weapon to assault me,” she said.

“[Bun Chhay Pov] had a hammer and pulled my hand to try to strike me dead. But I escaped from the hammer,” she said.

Bun Chhay Pov on Monday denied attacking Tuon Sokhan and said he had brought a defamation lawsuit against her in provincial court over her claim that he had forged her signature.

The hammer was never used as a weapon, said Bun Chhay Pov.

“I didn’t intend to hit her. I was just fixing my motorbike,” he said, adding that Tuon Sokhan had insulted him, accusing him of having a “dog’s brain” because of his defection to the CPP.

Em Sovann also denied that any assault had occurred.

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