Rights Groups Slam Cambodian PM Hun Sen For Threats Against Female Facebook Users

Threats made by Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen against female Facebook users are “irresponsible” and promote a culture of victim-blaming, rights groups said Wednesday, urging him to respect women’s right to freedom of expression and self-determination.

During a speech to the Cambodian National Council for Women on Monday, Hun Sen ordered authorities to take immediate action against women who wear “revealing” clothing while selling products on Facebook live streams, saying their actions were lowering Cambodian cultural values and were to blame for sexual violence.

After Hun Sen ordered authorities to track the women down and “educate” them, a representative of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications reportedly pledged to ask Facebook to block their profiles.

In full: https://www.rfa.org/english/news/cambodia/threats-02192020155157.html

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