Rights Group Condemns Delayed Treatment

Rights group Adhoc on Tuesday condemned medical staff at the Mondolkiri provincial hospital for allegedly delaying the treatment of a man who was injured Saturday when a security guard working for a rubber company fired in his direction.

Tek Ngiem, 28, was walking through the forest with a group of other villagers to check animal traps when they came across three guards, one of whom shot at the ground after telling the villagers to turn back.

The bullet sent rock fragments flying through the air, one of which lodged in Mr. Ngiem’s hip. Mr. Ngiem originally said the bullet had ricocheted off the ground and into his body.

“The victim was sent to the provincial hospital on the same day at 8 p.m., but we have not seen any medical staff come to give treatment to the victim,” Adhoc’s statement says.

“The victim [on Sunday] asked medical staff when he would get an operation and medical staff said [Monday], but they never came back,” it continues.

Mr. Ngiem confirmed Tuesday that he was still waiting for an operation.

The hospital could not be reached for comment.

The security guard suspected of firing toward the villagers fled the scene and remains at large.


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