Rice Prices Up on Thai Border, But Demand in Vietnam Slips

Farmers along the Thai border are benefiting from a decrease in Thailand’s rice production, which is pushing up the price of Cambo­dian rice, according to the Mini­s­try of Agriculture.

But increased rice production in Vietnam has caused the price of rice in southeastern Cambodia to drop, said Nuth Sokhon, director of the ministry’s agronomy department.

“Our rice market for Thailand is better right now,” he said.

Nuth Sokhon said rice along the Thai border is now selling for 320 to 350 riel per kilogram, compared with 300 riel per kilogram in recent months.

While Thailand’s demand has increased, Vietnam is buying less Cambodian rice and farmers are seeing their market dry up, Nuth Sokhon said.

Takeo Governor Kep Chuk­tema said the price of rice in his province has been decreasing since the harvest in January.

Rice has dropped from 360 riel per kilogram last year to the current level of 260 riel per kilogram.

The Vietnamese government has fixed the price of Cambodian rice being sold in that country. “We will try to work with Viet­nam to increase the price for farmers,” Kep Chuktema said.


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