Retired King Revels in Anglo-Saxon One-Liners

Retired King Norodom Siha­nouk may be sick, but he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

In a letter posted on his Web site and dated Monday, the retired King reveled in extracts of Eric Fottorino’s book “200 Hundred Years of Anglo-Saxon Humor” published in the French newspaper Le Monde on May 28.

Among the retired King’s fa­vorite one-liners was one from legendary US stand-up comedian Henny Youngman: “I read somewhere that smoking can cause cancer, since then I’ve completely stopped reading.”

The retired King has been in Beijing receiving medical treatment and chemotherapy for cancer since mid-May.

Vice and defiance seemed to be common themes linking the re­tired King’s favorite jokes.

Embattled former soccer star and legendary boozer George Best also gave the monarch a laugh. “I’ve stopped drinking, but only when I’m sleeping,” the re­cently arrested Best is quoted as saying.

Another quip about drinking by British humorist Jerome K Jer­ome caught the retired King’s eye: “It’s because we’re always drinking to other people’s health that we end up ruining ours.”

In a separate Web posting, the re­­tired King said that King Nor­odom Sihamoni would soon es­cort both he and Queen Noro­dom Monineath back from Beijing.

Royal Palace officials said that King Sihamoni would fly to Beijing today or Friday. In a re­ply dated Sunday and posted on the re­tired King’s Web site, King Sihamo­ni wrote: “I am so happy to know that You will soon return to your peo­ple.”

The retired King also asked King Sihamoni to give his “war­mest regards” to CPP and Senate President Chea Sim.

In a faxed reply, King Sihamoni said Chea Sim was “thrilled” to hear of the retired King’s return.

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