Released US Alien Inmates To Be Jailed Here

A group of Cambodians who have finished prison senten­ces in the US for crimes committed there will be jailed when they return to Cam­bodia, said Prime Minister Hun Sen on Mon­day, at a ground-breaking ceremony in Kampot prov­ince.

“America has asked the Cam­bo­dian government to accept Khmers that went to America illegally or were convicted in Amer­ica,” said Hun Sen. “Per­sons who were put in prisons in America, when they return they have to stay in Prey Sar.”

The Cambodians were living in the US, some for most of their lives, as resident or illegal aliens when they committed their crimes and were automatically slated for deportation to their native coun­­try when they were convicted.

Their return was secured by an agreement signed in March be­tween the government and US Ambassador Kent Wiedemann.

“The agreement that I signed with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior provides that Cambodia will accept these deported aliens back, and provide for ways in which they will be reintegrated,” Wiedemann said.

The agreement does not spell out how the Cambodians will be reintegrated into local society, though Wiedemann said it would take time for the Cambodian government to track down families and find an appropriate home for each of the returnees.

He said he did not know how many Cambodians will be deported from the US, but an initial group of 28 has been identified for deportation. All have completed a prison sentence in the US for their crimes, and if they were naturalized US citizens would have been re­leased in the US.


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