Regent Classes Online, on CD

CD-Roms and online Internet lectures will be a central part of a new bachelor of business administration degree program scheduled to begin in March at Phnom Penh’s Regent College.

The program will be conducted in partnership with Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, a private university in Malaysia, according to Regent College Director Neil McLaren. While bachelor of business administration degrees are offered at the Institute of Management, the new Regent College program is believed to be the first in Phnom Penh to closely link business education with the Internet and other emerging technologies.

“We are not a conventional university. Most of our university students don’t go to a lecture hall,” said Associate Professor Ahmad Zohdi Abd Hamid, who is the dean of the faculty of business administration. He said Tuesday that Regent College students will also use CD-Roms be using three or four mulitmedia CD-Roms in each subject course.

Lecture notes will be accessed by students at Unitar’s web site, and students will also spend up to 24 hours per semester attending traditional classroom lectures.


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