Red Cross Hands Over Nets

A donation of mosquito nets and insecticide worth $137,790 was recently given to the National Malaria Center by the Red Cross in this year’s second largest donation of malaria relief supplies.

The donation, consisting of 23,500 nets with carrier bags and 5,000 liters of K-Othrine insecticide to treat the nets, is a gift of the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Soc­ieties Delegation in Cambo­dia and the Cambodian Red Cross, which received funding for the donations from the European Commission Humani­tarian Organization.

Two other donations of malaria relief supplies were made earlier this year by the Red Cross. In March, 14,000 nets and 2,496 liters of insecticide worth $75,040, were donated.

In May, 54,000 mosquito nets and 3,901 liters of insecticide worth $165,290 were given. The latest donation, made Oct 26, brings the total amount given by the Red Cross to 91,500 nets and11,397 liters of insecticide worth $378,120.

A handover ceremony was presided over by Ouk Damry, first vice president of the Cambodian Red Cross, Seija Tyrninoksa, head of the federation delegation, and Dr Doung Socheat, vice director of the National Malaria Center. Sandrine Chopin, representative from the ECHO office in Phnom Penh, and Dr Fiona Hardy, Red Cross Federation health officer, also were present for the ceremony.

The donation is in response to the malaria emergency declared in October 1998 by the National Malaria Center.


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