Recycling Plant for Organic Material Considered

A Japanese-Thai company is looking at the possibility of building organic waste recycling centers in Cam­bodia.

The company, NKK, met with the Minister of Cabinet Sok An early last week and is considering investment in a facility to recycle organic household trash into fertilizer, said Lon Heal, deputy director of pollution control department at the Ministry of Environment. The company would not handle plastics, aluminum or other recyclables.

He said Phnom Penh should be the first place to have the facility, but a Khmer-language newspaper, Peala Ngiech (Evening News), reported that Sok An said factories could be set up in rural provinces.

Phnom Penh’s primary dump, in Meanchey district, is filled to capacity, and a replacement site has not been found. If the facility were constructed, it would take pressure off the dump, Lonh Heal said, adding that use of the compost as fertilizer would re­duce the need for chemicals.

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