Rebel Threat Lingers, Warns Top CPP Official

Sok An, a top CPP official and close aide to Second Prime Minister Hun Sen, on Monday warned the nation that the Khmer Rouge are not yet finished.

The Council of Ministers co-Min­­­ister, speaking on Bayon Ra­dio, also said that it is unclear if Pol Pot is truly dead.

“Government sources have not yet clearly confirmed the demise of Pol Pot, but neighboring countries and other countries have announced his death,” Sok An said on the CPP-affiliated station.

“The government of Cambodia is not certain about this, because the news of Pol Pot’s death has been pronounced four times before, but falsely, because he was still alive.”

Sok An, in comments recorded recently at a youth development organization, said even if Pol Pot is dead, citizens should be aware that his movement is still alive, especially along the borders.

He criticized unnamed politicians for “using” the Khmer Rouge for personal political gain and threatening the process of national reconciliation.

Political observers said the CPP has for years promoted itself as the only political entity capable of preventing the return to power by the Khmer Rouge, but that Pol Pot’s death is threatening the party’s ability to campaign on this platform. (Ham Samnang)


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