Reastr Niyum Lodges Protest

The Reastr Niyum party asked the National Election Committee to look into reports of election wrongdoing and to do re­counts in areas where fraud is alleged.

The party, led by First Prime Minister Ung Huot, listed several allegations in a Tuesday letter, from observers being prevented from accompanying ballot boxes to fraudulent counting.

“The counters at most stations did not do honest jobs,” the statement says. “When observers caught them fraudulently counting they said they became confused or they apologized and said they made no mistake and were not punished.”

Ung Huot said Monday the party’s acceptance of the election—in which it netted less than 1 percent of the vote—de­pends on the results of an investigation.

The party also criticized the NEC’s decision to release early results and said checks for the re­gistration of illegal Vietnamese immigrants was spotty.


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