RCAF-Driven Truck Kills Boy in Hit-and-Run

A truck manned by RCAF soldiers and laden with timber fled after running over and killing a school­boy and breaking his young friend’s leg on National Route 4 in Kompong Speu province on Wed­nesday, police said Thursday.

Kong Piseth, 12, was killed and Kuon Nor, 10, was injured by the truck, belonging to RCAF’s controversial Brigade 70, which did not stop after knocking the boys down at about 5 pm, police said.

“We stopped the truck in [Kan­dal province’s] Ponhea Leu district at 6 pm after the RCAF soldiers ran around many roadblocks set up by our police forces,” said Iv Cham­roeun, Kandal provincial police chief.

After a six-hour standoff with the B-70 soldiers, the unit that provides personal bodyguards for Prime Min­ister Hun Sen, the troops eventually allowed police to take the truck back to the Kompong Speu po­lice station near where the accident took place. The B-70 troops proceeded on to their base.

A Ponhea Leu district police official who declined to be named said that when police stopped the truck, armed soldiers emerged and asked them if they knew what they were doing by stopping it.

Kompong Speu Provincial Po­lice Chief Keo Piseth said that the family of the dead boy was later given $700 and the injured boy was given $300 by a Brigade 70 representative.

“The truck was released today after both sides accepted the compensation from the Brigade 70 representative,” he said.

Iv Chamroeun said that Kandal provincial police are not investigating whether the timber was illegally logged.

“I don’t care about the timber, we are concerned only with the traffic accident,” he said.

Minister of Defense Tea Banh said he asked the B-70 commander to compensate the parents of the dead and injured children.

The driver will be punished ac­cording to the rules of the military, he said, without elaborating.

“It is for the honor of RCAF,” Tea Banh said.



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