RCAF General Charged With Issuing Fake IDs

An RCAF two-star general was arrested in Phnom Penh this week for allegedly issuing false military identity cards, military court officials said Thurs­day.

Sena Sak, a Funcinpec-aligned general and director of the Min­istry of Defense’s strategy and research department, was arrested by military police on the or­ders of the military court, Invest­igating Judge Ngin Sam An said.

The general is accused of issuing illegal military identity cards that bore his signature and de­part­ment stamp.

Sena Sak has been charged under article 36 of the Untac law pertaining to involvement in organized crime, he added.

“He was charged with illegally issuing identity cards…and creating an illegal armed force,” said Ngim Sam An. But he stressed there is no evidence to link the gen­eral with the Cambodian Freedom Fighters.

In November the US-based CFF, who have pledged to overthrow the government, launched a botched attack on government buildings in Phnom Penh.

Following the attack, a nationwide sweep of suspected CFF sympathizers nabbed more than 300 suspects. Some 50 alleged CFF members are in prison awai­ting trial on charges of terrorism.

“I cannot conclude [the identity card holders] are linked to any other force,” Ngim Sam An said.

Sena Sak is likely to spend up to six months in jail while court officials investigate the case, Mil­itary Court Chief Ney Thol said.


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